Department of Dermatology

Clinical Activities

The LAC+USC Medical Center has a monthly clinic that specifically treats patients with autoimmune bullous diseases, for example bullous pemphigoid, pemphigus vulgaris, or epidermolysis bullosa acquisita. This is one of the only clinics of this kind in the United States. The clinic is supervised by Dr. David Woodley, chairman of the Department of Dermatology, who is also a leading researcher and expert in the field of immunobullous disease. Clinics are held at the Edward E. Roybal Comprehensive Health Care Center on the second Monday of every month.

The Hansen's Disease Clinic was started in 1962, and is one of only sixteen Hansen's Disease clinics in the country. Supervised by Dr. Thomas H. Rea, the clinic tracks more than 500 cases of leprosy, with dozens of new case registrations annually in Los Angeles County. The Hansen’s Disease Clinic remains a major community resource by providing outstanding patient care as well as investigation to further our understanding of this disease. The clinic is held at the LAC + USC Outpatient Clinic Building on Monday and Wednesday mornings.

Hansen's Disease Clinic Staff

The HIV Dermatology Clinic, supervised by Dr. David Sawcer, is located in "5P21," one of the largest HIV/AIDS clinics in the country. 5P21 is a multi-disciplinary clinic offering all aspects of HIV care, including primary care, subspecialty HIV services like dermatology clinic and Kaposi’s sarcoma clinic, as well as social and psychiatric services. The dermatology clinic is held every Friday morning.

HIV Clinic Staff

The pediatric dermatology clinics, staffed by a panel of volunteer faculty from the greater Los Angeles area, are held on Wednesday mornings at Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) and at Women's and Children's Hospital. The CHLA clinic is a tertiary referral center for the greater Los Angeles area, and this clinic is known for treating rare dermatologic diseases. The Women's and Children's clinic is a high-volume clinic for primary pediatric dermatologic problems.

The majority of the adult dermatology clinics are held at the Edward R. Roybal Comprehensive Health Center (three clinics per week) and the Hudson Comprehensive Health Center (one clinic per week). In addition, dermatology surgery clinics are held twice per week at the Edward R. Roybal Comprehensive Health Center.
Roybal Staff
Roybal Clinic Staff

The Department of Dermatology provides comprehensive outpatient care for patients with diseases of the skin, hair and nails at the Healthcare Consultation Center II, the USC/ Norris Cancer Center, the USC Glendale Dermatology Satellite office, and at USC Student Health. Drs. David Woodley, David Sawcer, Han Lee, David Peng, and Manjunath Vadmal provide a broad spectrum of general dermatology and dermatologic surgery services. The dermatology faculty also provide in-patient dermatology consultations for patients hospitalized at the Keck Hospital of USC and USC/Norris Cancer Hospital.

The outpatient dermatology clinic of the Los Angeles Ambulatory Care Center in downtown Los Angeles provides care to military veterans. Clinics are held two days per week and are staffed by Dr. David Woodley and the dermatology residents.

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