Family Medicine

USC-Keck Primary Care Commuity Medicine Project


The USC-Keck primary care community medicine project is designed to increase the number of USC medical students who enter community-based primary care.   Funded by a grant from the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) the project intends to increase medical students exposure to community –based medical practices including community health centers across the four years of medical school training.

To achieve this goal, medical students will have community medicine experiences during their first two years through a variety of community-based focused and longitudinal shadowing experiences.

Students will also attend a lecture series on community medicine topics. The community-based experiences are designed to expose the students to the challenges and rewards of community-based primary care including the establishment of medical homes for low income families and individuals, chronic disease management, and public health, particularly the broader social determinants of health.

The grant supports the further development of a community and family medicine website and a 4th year family and community medicine elective. Evaluation of these educational experiences, their value and the resulting impact on medical student specialty choices will be ongoing.

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