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Medical Student Teaching Program  

Pathology is the only discipline that can be classified as both a basic and a clinical science. As such, it provides for our medical students an indispensable bridge between the basic science that forms a large part of the first two years of medical school and the clinical relevance and application of this information that is the foundation of the third and fourth years. The newly designed curriculum will enhance the understanding and clinical relevance of the basic sciences and improve the students' problem-solving and independent study skills. It is based upon the use of small cases and the incorporation of small group learning, directed self-study and newer instructional technologies.

Clerkship Program

Graduate Degree Programs

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Residency and Fellowship Programs

Fully approved training programs in anatomic and clinical pathology are offered over a four-year period. Most residents complete an integrated AP/CP program. LAC+USC Medical center is the principal teaching hospital and provides experience with a broad and diverse spectrum of pathology. The program includes rotations at the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System and the combined Norris/USC University Hospital.

Post-Doctoral Training

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M.D/Ph.D. Program

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