Department of Pathology

Research Initiatives

The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine is one of the largest pathology departments in the world with 88 primary faculty members, many of whom are recognized as international experts in their fields. Their research covers a broad spectrum of topics directly related to human disease using approaches from the various fields of basic science, e.g., biochemistry, microbiology, virology, and molecular biology. Biomedical research at USC focuses on linking research in the laboratory to patient care by studying mechanisms of disease.

The pathology faculty receives substantial extramural funding; for 2010-2011 funded research totaled $10,151,989.

Several major areas of research focus in the department include Cancer, Neuropathology, Biomedical Nanoscience, Immunotherapy, Alcoholic Liver Disease and Cirrhosis, Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Biology, and Molecular Diagnostics.

The research facilities of the department include biochemistry, molecular biology, histology, and tissue culture facilities. Equipment is available for research in all of the areas under investigation in the department and in the neighboring Norris Cancer Center. A separate containment level-3 facility is available for research for research related to AIDS and human retroviruses and oncogenes. Library services are available on the Health Sciences Campus.

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