Department of Preventive Medicine

Division of Biostatistics

M.S. Biostatistics

The focus of the training program is: theory of biostatistics, data analytic methods (univariate and multivariate analysis, generalized estimating equations, survival analysis, logistic regression analysis, statistical methods for epidemiological studies), experimental design (including the design, conduct and analysis of clinical trials), statistical methods in human genetics, biomedical informatics and advanced statistical computing methods. Statistical methods are taught both from a practical and theoretical perspective.

This degree is structured for students to:

  • Understand and apply statistical methods for the design of biomedical research and analysis of biomedical research data;
  • Understand and use mathematical and statistical theory underlying the application of biostatistical methods; use and interpret results from specialized computer software for the management and statistical analysis of research data;
  • Learn to participate in a research team setting in study design, data coordination and management, and statistical analysis and reporting of study results;
  • Participate in a research team in the development and evaluation of new and existing statistical methodology.

The program prepares students for the Screening Examination requirement for the PhD program in Biostatistics or Statistical Genetics and Genetic Epidemiology (program currently in review). Students terminating with the MS degree are prepared for careers as biostatisticians in biotechnology industries, government agencies, research institutions, hospitals, and research settings in healthcare systems.

This program encourages applicants with undergraduate degrees in mathematics, statistics or biostatistics, computer science or other related fields to apply. Undergraduate preparation should have included differential and integral calculus, introduction to mathematical statistics, and basic computer programming.

For further information: USC Catalog (Preventive Medicine)

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