Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Psychiatric Emergency Services

1100 N. State Street
1st Floor, Room A1D
Los Angles, CA 90033
Phone: (323) 409-7085

Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES) are provided to patients of all ages 24 hours per-day. Voluntary and involuntary psychiatric patients from the community are evaluated, provided emergency treatment, and are hospitalized or referred to appropriate services in the community. Patients are brought in by family, friends, police, probation officers, mobile emergency assessment teams, and by ambulance from a number of community agencies or community hospitals.

The majority of patients seen by staff in the LAC+USC Psychiatric Emergency Service (PES) are chronic and severely mentally ill patients who reside in the greater central area of Los Angeles. Several hundred patients per month are seen in the PES, one third of whom are brought in by various police agencies.

Colin Dias, MD
Chief of LAC+USC Psychiatric Emergency Services

University of Southern California University of Southern California