Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program

Message from the Program Director

Welcome to Radiology at the University of Southern California! This Diagnostic Radiology residency program is the best in the country. You may wonder how I can be so sure… but I am.  Here is what you’ll find here:

•    An interesting, energetic, committed and diverse community of learners, workers, teachers, researchers, patients and families

•    A breadth and depth of pathology that can only be found in a large culturally diverse urban university medical center

•    A push towards minimally invasive image-guided diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in every radiologic subspecialty

•    Positive energy stemming from working in new hospitals with new equipment and modern systems of care as well as multiple new research and outreach initiatives on campus

•    A superb progression throughout residency of increasing autonomy and independence within the structure of a clinical care system designed to ensure optimal patient care, optimal patient safety and compliance with all regulatory requirements

•    A consistent and challenging emphasis on resident education in conferences and on all clinical rotations

•    Multiple research opportunities and financial support designed to allow residents to present their work at major national radiology meetings

Who succeeds in this residency? If you are a young high-energy physician with aptitude for image interpretation and passion for a focused professional educational process, you will love USC. Our residents succeed by balancing three important processes: 1) strong clinical education during the workday; 2) dedicated organized study time outside of work and 3) focused personal time to experience life apart from work. USC Radiology residents emerge from their four years of Graduate Medical Education as highly qualified radiologists, professionals ready to work and live in the real world.  Still interested? Keep reading….


M. Victoria Marx, M.D.
Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program Director

Miriam Romero, M.D.
Diagnostic Radiology Residency Associate Program Director

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