Office of Admissions

Office of Admissions

The Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California offers students pursuing medical and biomedical graduate degrees a dynamic and diverse learning environment on the USC Health Sciences Campus in Los Angeles.

As part of one of the nation’s top ten private research universities, the Keck School of Medicine ranks in the top 25 U.S. medical schools in terms of federal research support. Keck School faculty members oversee patient care at both a public county hospital, one of the nation’s largest teaching hospitals, and at a number of state-of-the-art private hospitals and centers, providing students with an unparalleled hands-on clinical education in a broad range of diseases and settings.

With a faculty to student ratio of 1:7, Keck School students get to know faculty, who act as mentors and help students plan their careers. The school’s innovative medical curriculum, combined with interdisciplinary biomedical research and graduate training programs, help make the Keck School of Medicine great.

The Keck School’s unique location, resources and opportunities — students participate in the campus research community, a broad range of patient care programs, community service and student activities—help create a rich educational environment for medical students, post-graduates and biomedical graduate students.

Admission procedures, requirements and selection criteria differ between degree programs. Visit Degrees & Programs to learn more about the specific admissions policies for Keck School M.D., graduate and other degree programs. You can also learn about our admissions process, our guiding philosophy and policies and admissions requirements.

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