Southern California Clinical and Translational Science Institute

The Southern California Clinical and Translational Science Institute (SC CTSI) was created by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) and is one of 60 premier research institutes nationwide that aim to move discoveries through the research pipeline and into sustainable public health solutions. To do this at USC, SC CTSI provides investigators with a range of research resources — from funding opportunities and clinical trials units to mentorship and career development. SC CTSI research resources include:

  • $1.2M per year in funding opportunities (Fall/Spring)
  • Two clinical trials units 
  • Support with pre-clinical translation of discoveries 
  • Resources for community-engaged research
  • Training and education
  • Mentorship and career development
  • Research team building activities
  • Expert advice/support in:

    • Biostatistics and bioinformatics 
    • Regulatory knowledge
    • Study design and feasibility 
    • Data management
    • Research ethics 
Some services are free and some have a nominal cost. Learn more about SC CTSI.
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