Expanded Executive Leadership

Rohit Varma, MD, MPH
Dean, Keck School of Medicine
(323) 442-1900

Ted Budge
Senior Associate Dean & Chief Operating Officer
(323) 442-1900

Melody Chun
Senior Administrative Director
(323) 442-1872

Carmen Carillo
Director, Human Resources
(323) 442-1308

Henri R. Ford, MD
Vice Dean for Medical Education
(323) 669-2104

Raquel D. Arias, MD, MPH
Associate Dean for Admissions
(323) 226-4696

Joyce Richey, PhD
Assistant Dean and Chief Diversity Officer
(323) 442-1050

Donna D. Elliott, MD
Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs
(323) 442-2553

Ron Ben-Ari, MD
Associate Dean for Curriculum
(323) 226-7556

Ite Laird, PhD
Associate Dean for Graduate Programs
(323) 865-0655

Elahe Nezami, PhD
Associate Dean for Undergraduate, Masters and Professional Degree Programs
(213) 821-1733

Thomas A. Buchanan, MD
Vice Dean for Research
Chief, Division of Endocrinology and Diabetes
Director, Southern California Clinical and Translational Science Institute
(323) 442-1863

April Armstrong, MD MPH
Associate Dean for Clinical Research
Director of Clinical Research, Southern California Clinical and Translational Science Institute (SC CTSI)
Vice Chair, Department of Dermatology
(323) 442-1970Sarah F. Hamm-Alvarez, PhD
Associate Dean for Basic and Translational Research
(323) 422-1445

Darcy Spicer, MD
Chair, Health Sciences Campus Institutional Review Board
(323) 865-3904

Gerhard A. Coetzee, MD
Assistant Dean for Research Integrity
(323) 865-0631

Janet A. Stoeckert, MA
Director of Research Administration
(323) 442-3568

Judy Garner, PhD
Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Development
(323) 442-1619

Frank Sinatra, MD
Assistant Dean for Faculty Development
(323) 442-1829

Ruth Wood, PhD
Associate Dean for Appointments & Promotions
(323) 442-1980

Glenn Ault, MD
Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Administration (LAC+USC Medical Center)
(323) 865-3690

Lil Delcampo
Senior Assoc. Dean & Associate Vice President for Health Sciences PR and Marketing
(323) 442-1336