Keck in the Community

Keck in the Community

The Keck School of Medicine has a long history of reaching out to the people of Southern California and helping to improve the community’s health and education.

Out of the more than 200 outreach programs at USC, Keck School of Medicine faculty, students and staff lead dozens of community outreach efforts from the Health Sciences Campus.

Chief among these efforts are programs that target the youth of the community, helping build their bodies, minds and spirits and start them on promising careers. Some provide direct medical care services at no cost, while other programs seek to prepare and support disadvantaged students for college and advanced careers in health care and science.

Keck Community Involvement

Keck School Outreach 
Explore a few of the community outreach efforts centered at the Keck School.

USC Civic & Community Relations
View a listing of all university programs, including contact and eligibility information.

Youth Programs
The Keck School is committed to supporting community youth reach their dreams through its educational programs.

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