Global Health Scholars Program


The mission of the Global Health Scholars Program is to promote student participation in international research, patient care and educational activities with the intent to address healthcare challenges of an interdependent world.

The Global Health Scholars Program strives to:

  • Provide each student the opportunity to experience international medical education, public health, patient care and clinical or basic science research during their time at KSOM.
  • Encourage interdisciplinary research to gain a better understanding of international health issues.
  • Promote collaborative educational experiences for our students via distant learning and professional/cultural exchange programs.
  • Work collaboratively with the Institute of Global Health in achieving goals related to global health.
  • Discover the expanse of the world and “go global”!

The International Medicine Student Interest Group (IMSIG) promotes global medicine by fostering awareness of international health issues, helping students to find international medical travel opportunities, and sponsoring a lunch-time speaker series of physicians involved with international health.

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