Mission Statement

The mission of Administration and Finance is to provide a superb administrative and financial infrastructure focused on the programs of the Keck School of Medicine. The mission is reflected in our motto: Our persistent question should be, "How is what I'm doing right now supporting the students, patients or faculty of the Keck School?"


Administration and Finance provides core services to the Keck School of Medicine including: budget formulation and fiscal control; facilities assignments, renovations and maintenance (for both USC-owned and leased facilities); pre- and post-award administration of contracts and grants; oversight of compliance; coordination of audits; implementation of travel and procurement card programs; school-wide human resources services for staff; administrative computing; and other school-wide administrative functions. Programs are carried out through directors of functional areas. Administration and Finance is also the primary point of contact between the Keck School and many administrative units of the university. 

Offices within Administration

The Office of Administration is comprised of the following departments:

Other Administrative Services

Other administrative services offered by the Keck School of Medicine include:

  • Development Office — The Office of Development of the Keck School of Medicine fosters relationships with individuals, foundations and corporations interested in supporting the school’s outstanding programs in patient care, education, biomedical research and community service.
  • Educational Affairs — The Office of Educational Affairs works to ensure the quality of the educational experience at the Keck School of Medicine.
  • Environmental Health and Safety — The Department of Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S), is dedicated to supporting USC's academic, social and economic goals by promoting a safe and secure environment
  • Faculty Affairs — The Office of Faculty Affairs oversees personnel issues, professional development, legal affairs and administrative processes for the faculty members of the Keck School of Medicine.
  • Information Technology — Health Sciences Information Technology (IT) provides technical support services to the Keck School of Medicine, USC University Hospital, USC Norris Cancer Hospital, and the Doctors of USC.
  • Payroll — Various pages for and about University Payroll Services,including frequently-asked questions, useful links, forms, and personnel.
  • Personnel Services — UPC Personnel Services advises departments on employment policies and procedures, staff compensation, disciplinary/termination actions, accommodation of disabilities issues, and other related services.
  • Public Relations and Marketing— The Health Sciences Public Relations and Marketing office provides connections between Keck School physicians and scientists and the public by working with the news media and by directly publicizing new research, campus events and happenings and Keck patient care programs
  • Research Advancement — The Office of Research Advancement is implementing the Keck School's strategic plan for research. Also known as Keck Research Advancement or "KRA", the office promotes and coordinates research activities across the enterprise and provides services to support the efforts of the faculty.
  • USC Care — The Doctors of USC are more than 500 physicians who are full-time faculty members of the Keck School of Medicine of USC and are committed to the highest quality medical care and outstanding patient service.   


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