Office of Graduate Medical Education

Office of Graduate Medical Education

The USC Office of Graduate Medical Education provides oversight and support for the ACGME accredited graduate medical education programs sponsored by the LAC+USC Medical Center and directed by the faculty of the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California. Listed below are several of the services that the Office of Graduate Medical Education offers:

  • Distributes pertinent information to departments and residents concerning the hiring processes for acceptance of residents for training at the LAC+USC Medical Center with regards to American, Canadian, and International medical school graduates and foreign nationals.
  • Organizes all National Resident Matching Program activities for departments that go through the NRMP matching process.
  • Monitors all residents and ensures that they have the proper credentials to begin training and to promote and continue postgraduate training at the Medical Center.
  • Verifies postgraduate training for state licensure purposes. However, it is the individual department's responsibility to write letters of recommendation and verify training for all other purposes.
  • Serves as a resource concerning the resident application processes. The staff can answer questions pertaining to training policies and personnel policies. Staff can answer questions regarding licensure through the Medical Board of California; however, licensure authority lies with the Medical Board. The staff is available for counseling or will refer applicants to the proper offices for detailed information.
  • Records all training assignments for residents who train at this facility for Medicare reimbursement for training postgraduate physicians whether the postgraduate physicians are paid County employees or affiliates from another hospital rotating at the LAC+USC Medical Center.
  • Prepares the yearly budget allocated for postgraduate training and monitors it throughout the fiscal year. Monthly billing of affiliate hospitals is processed through this office for resident services provided.
Lawrence M. Opas, M.D. Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education and DIO LAC+USC Medical Center


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