Office of Medical Finance

The Finance Department serves as the point of contact regarding financial matters at the Keck School of Medicine. The Finance department has the responsibility of monitoring and reporting financial activity for: 1) Current Unrestricted (“CU”) accounts, 2) The County Professional Services Agreement (“MSOA”), Faculty Practice Plan billings (“Rebillables”) and 3) Restricted, Endowment and Scholarship accounts.

The principal functions of the Keck School of Medicine Finance Department are as follows:

  • Serve as the primary interface with the University Comptroller’s Office as well as the Office of Budget and Planning.
  • Oversee the annual budgeting process at the Keck School of Medicine.
  • Compile financial reports for management, University departments and outside entities.
  • To be a resource regarding University financial policies and procedures.
  • Provide assistance to departments and staff regarding financial and related matters.


There are six individuals that currently perform a variety of services within the Keck School of Medicine Finance Department. Please feel free to contact them if you have an inquiry regarding their particular specialty, as listed below. If your particular inquiry is not met by one of the specialties listed below, please feel free to contact any of the individuals for their assistance.

Specialty Contact Ext.
Account access requests Amy Tsoi    2-2024
Budget Development System (BDS) support
and questions
Sharon Schlesinger 2-1955
Check Requests Catherine Velazquez 2-3160

CU inquiry and reports

Sharon Schlesinger


inquiry and reports
Jeff Sawada 2-1340
Data download
Sharon Schlesinger 2-1955
Deposit (gift,
departmental) inquiry
Dena Davenport 2-2660
Restricted and endowment
account inquiry and reports
Mike Ebbs 2-2329
Home Department Coordinator
Admin and Finance, Development,
Scientific Affairs, Faculty Affairs
Pasqui Yslas 2-3361
Journal Voucher inquiry and assistance Dena Davenport 2-2660
New Accounts:
Current Unrestricted

Jeff Sawada
Sharon Schlesinger
Dena Davenport

Payroll Support Sharon Schlesinger
Pasqui Yslas
Pro-card, Travel Card support Patty Hanna 2-3057
Personnel Requisition (FR-1s, PS-130s) inquiry
Purchasing Support

Catherine Velazquez
Amy Tsoi

“Rebillable” Account inquiry Dena Davenport 2-2660
Salary Certifications
Scholarship account inquiries and reports Vance Ito 2-1872
Telecommunications Charge Catherine Velazquez 2-3160

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