Office of Student Affairs

Financial Aid

The USC Financial Aid Office and Keck School of Medicine are dedicated to ensuring that all eligible students have the financial resources necessary to pay for educational expenses. More than 80 percent of our students receive some type of financial assistance.

Scholarships, assistantships, and fellowships are awarded to medical students based on academic performance and/or financial need. Several low-interest, long-term federal, university, and private loan programs are available to eligible students. In addition, USC also offers a short-term tuition payment plan and a prepayment plan. Because of the rigor of medical school, students are discouraged from accepting employment during the academic year.

Financial aid counselors are available to help students complete applications for federal and state aid and loan programs. The office also provides extensive information on student financial planning and other resources.

Financial Aid Application Process for Entering Medical Students
Financial Aid Application Process for Continuing Medical Students
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