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The Office of the Dean leads the administration of the Keck School of Medicine. The office has broad oversight over all units within the school and all matters related to the provision of medical care at USC.

The dean works closely with the Keck School’s distinguished Board of Overseers to guide the school’s future.

Four senior associate deans report to the Office of the Dean, as well as six associate deans, three assistant deans and an associate vice president. The dean meets with the school’s executive committee monthly, and the office communicates decisions made in these meetings to the faculty. The dean represents the school in many external negotiations, school accreditation and other key matters.

Governance Document
As a non-profit public benefit corporation, the University of Southern California (USC) is governed by the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees establishes policies, exercises powers as stated in the Bylaws of the University, controls property and conducts the affairs for the University.

The extraordinary vision, candid self-examination and hard work of Keck leaders, from the dean to the department chairs and other faculty leaders, to the school’s distinguished Board of Overseers, has charted a new course for the Keck School.

Research Institutes
The research institutes of the Keck School of Medicine provide a place for in-depth, integrative studies of genetics, cancer, pediatric disease, neurogenetics and disease prevention. The institutes attract outstanding researchers interested in solving complex problems of biomedicine.

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