People at Keck

People at Keck

People at Keck

The success of any institution is determined by the caliber of its people. The Keck School of Medicine of USC is no exception. The Keck School’s strength is rooted in the excellence of its faculty, students, staff and leadership.

People of the Keck School

The extraordinary vision, candid self-examination and hard work of Keck leaders, from Dean Carmen Puliafito to the department chairs and other faculty leaders, to the school’s distinguished Board of Overseers, has charted a new course for the Keck School.

The Keck School’s magnificent faculty is credited with the transformation of the school from one centered almost exclusively on the county hospital to a leading medical school with more than $125 million in federal research funding.

The Keck School attracts exceptional students who have already accomplished much in the world. Notably, during their rigorous medical and scientific training, many students take on leadership roles, help others in the community and pursue research projects.

The talents and support of its alumni are among the Keck School and USC's greatest strengths. As leaders in their communities and professions, Keck School alumni bring recognition to their alma mater.

Parents are part of the Trojan family and have many opportunities to be involved and supportive of the USC experience.

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