The Keck School of Medicine of USC is home to a diverse and accomplished student population of more than 1,700 medical and biomedical graduate and Ph.D. students.

Today’s Keck School students increasingly add to the academic excellence of the institution. The 2012 entering class' average total MCAT score was 34.1 and undergraduate GPA average 3.64, averages that continue to climb each year.

Keck School students are more than academic high-achievers. Medical and graduate students are recognized for their research, as well as their commitment to community service. Many Keck School medical students plan on careers serving urban and rural communities that suffer from physician shortages. Others demonstrate great initiative as leaders.

The diversity of the student body is a strength and source of pride. The Keck School is a multicultural community comprised of women and men of diverse racial, ethnic, and class backgrounds, ages, national origins, physical abilities, religions and political beliefs.

People of color routinely make up more than half of the medical and graduate student body and the Keck School offers many programs to encourage under-represented minority students to pursue careers in medicine and science.

Student Leaders

Students take part in the leadership of the Keck School and the university through a number of organizations, including those listed below as well as the Graduate and Professional Student Senate on the University Park Campus.


Medical Student Leadership
The Associated Students of the School of Medicine (ASSM) is led by a board of elected officers as well as by boards representing each medical school class. The ASSM plays a role in the leadership of the School, organizes events and provides opportunities for medical students to be involved in Keck School governance through service on the admissions, curriculum, ethics, student affairs and scholarship committees.

Graduate Student Leadership
The School of Medicine Graduate Student Association (SMGSA) elects a Board of Officers and representatives from departments with graduate degree programs each year to participate in Keck School governance, plan activities and provide a forum for graduate student concerns.

Salerni Collegium Student Chapter
Salerni Collegium Alumni Association is home to over 14,000 medical alumni, faculty, students, parents, and friends. Learn more.

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