The Keck School of Medicine educates the nation's future physicians and biomedical scientists. From day one, medical students help care for patients as part of an innovative curriculum that integrates basic and clinical sciences, technology and communication, the latest medical advances and the oldest healing arts. Students train in one of the largest teaching hospitals in the nation, gaining experience with the diverse, urban population of Los Angeles. Graduate and medical students play leading roles in the creation of new knowledge as part of the Keck School's vibrant research community.

New Foundations

The Keck School of Medicine’s modern curriculum has placed it at the forefront of medical education. The curriculum, which helps to prepare students for the real world of modern medicine, emphasizes:

  • Problem-solving over memorization
  • Medical informatics
  • Small groups, mentors and self-study over large lectures
  • Relevancy of basic sciences
  • State-of-the-art technologies
  • Immediate contact with patients
  • Pursuit of individual interests
  • Training of physician-scientists

Training Hospitals

Students and residents work and train in Keck School partner institutions including:

University of Southern California University of Southern California