Cellular Analysis Cores

Bioreagents & Cell Culture Core Facility
This core facility supports cancer related research that requires in vitro experiments, provides reagents for cell culture and prepares bioreagents that are produced by cells grown in the facility. The core grows suspension cultures of hybridoma cells in large quantities and produces purified monoclonal antibodies using a New Brunswick BioReactor, providing for substantial savings to the investigator. The core is in the process of developing and evaluating lipofectin preparations for cell transfection at highly reduced costs. Additional available services include the preparations of specialized serum products, LB medium, matrix coated culture dishes, and AmpicillinR plates. Studies will be conducted to evaluate the feasibility of producing recombinant proteins, cytokines and growth factors. This facility is housed within the Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Flow Cytometry and Immune Monitoring Core
This core offers advice, technical support and equipment for performing flow cytometry and immune monitoring. The facility is housed within the Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center.

The Non-Parenchymal Liver Cell Core
This core provides freshly isolated or cultured Kupffer, hepatic and sinusoidal endothelial cells (KC: hepatic macrophages), hepatic stellate cells (HSC) and sinusoidal endothelial cells (SEC) from normal rats or rat models of liver injury. This facility is housed within the department of pathology and managed by the Southern California Research Center for ALPD & Cirrhosis.

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