Data Analysis & Management

Bioinformatics Services
The Norris Medical Library provides bioinformatics support services for USC investigators. Services range from consultation to workshops to support for software licenses, to email alerts.

Division of Bioinformatics
The Division of Bioinformatics was recently formed to address the increasingly critical role of genomics data in biomedical research.  Division researchers are involved in development of new bioinformatics methodologies, as well as in collaborative research projects with other faculty inside and outside of USC. 

The Biostatistics Core Services
This resource provides statistical support to clinical, basic science and cancer cause and prevention investigators. This support may range from simple advice, to participating in the design of the research project, to carrying out aspects of the data management and statistical analysis of a project. This resource is housed within the Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Southern California Clinical and Translational Science Institute
Southern California Clinical and Translational Science Institute (SC CTSI) offers biostatistics and bioinformatics support to promote efficient and accurate data collection and analysis, and to help researchers avoid translational research pitfalls. Services include:
  • Brief biostatistics and bioinformatics consultation
  • Study/experimental design
  • Data management through REDCap
  • Statistical analysis
  • Scientific writing support
Statistical Consultation & Research Center
The Statistical Consultation and Research Center (SCRC) is an Organized Research Unit at the University of Southern California which integrates statistical, epidemiological and computing resources and offers them to professionals conducting clinical, biomedical and translational research. The SCRC consists of a team of statisticians, epidemiologists, database developers, programmers, project coordinators and data managers that provides an optimal structure to assist both the public and private sectors in carrying out clinical and prevention trials, observational and retrospective studies, cross-sectional and longitudinal surveys and translational research. Members of the SCRC are co- investigators on a range of studies in atherosclerosis, cancer, diabetes, neuroscience, ophthalmology, stroke rehabilitation interventions, lifestyle redesign interventions and alternative medicine.
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