Imaging Facilities

Cell and Tissue Imaging Core Facility
The primary function of this core facility is to provide assistance and training in the operation of a wide variety of instrumentation for cell and tissue imaging. The core facility also offers support for specimen preparation, thin sectioning techniques, embedding procedures, cryosectioning techniques, photography, digital photomicroscopy and photomicrography and computer aided graphics. This facility is housed within the Department of Ophthalmology and is co-administered by the Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Molecular Imaging Center
The USC Molecular Imaging Center offers accessibility to a wide variety of state-of-the-art imaging instrumentation. The core’s mission is to increase awareness and accessibility for all scientists, as well as assist investigators with imaging research projects. This facility is administered by the department of radiology.

Multi-Photon Microscopy Core
The Multi-Photon Microscopy Core provides access to multi-photon in vivo imaging of intact organs in small animals (rat and mouse) including, but not limited to the skin, kidney, spleen, liver, pancreas (both exocrine and endocrine), intestine and bone. The Core enables USC investigators to perform ultra-sensitive, quantitative imaging of organ functions in vivo in health and disease with high spatial (submicron) and temporal (50-1000Hz) resolution that other imaging modalities cannot achieve.
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