Library Resources

Library Resources

Norris Medical Library – This library is the largest of the medical libraries on the Health Sciences Campus and is the main USC library for the health sciences.  It has an extensive collection on all aspects of biomedicine and health care, as well as books for leisure reading.  The Norris Library offers a number of services beyond its extensive collection of health sciences books and journals, including its own Web site that provides access to online electronic journals and books, a computer lab and classroom, videoconferencing, and instruction on use of information resources for research (such as bioinformatics resources), education and clinical care.

Children's Hospital Los Angeles Library -  CHLA has a lending and reference library focusing on pediatrics for students, house staff and physicians.

Wilson Dental Library - The Wilson Dental Library, located on the University Park Campus, has an extensive collection of materials relating to dentistry and oral health, as well as many services for its users.

LAC+USC Medical Center Library - The Inpatient Tower houses a lending and reference library on medical sciences for students, house staff and physicians.

Keck Hospital of USC Library - Keck Hospital of USC has a small reference-only library for students, house staff, physicians and patients.

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