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Medical Student Research

The University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine offers a number of outstanding opportunities for medical students to garner experience in biomedical research throughout the period of their medical education.  All medical students are encouraged to avail themselves of several research options.  Under the leadership of Dr. David Hinton, Director, Medical Student Research Training and Pathology, Neurological Surgery and Ophthalmology, these opportunities are designed to provide medical students access to research experiences in both basic and clinical biomedical sciences. 

Year One

An exciting research program is available to students in the summer after their 1st year.  This program allows medical students to select a mentor and spend a summer working in his/her laboratory or on a clinical research project. 

Summer Medical Student Fellowship Application (PDF)

Year Two

All year II students are required to complete a medically-related project during year 2 of their education; Year II Required Student Project (RSP). Students can select a research project and mentor of their choice to meet this requirement.

To learn more, please click the hyperlink to view the page Year II Requirements, then scroll down the page to the subheading “Required Student Project”

Year Four

During the 4th year, medical students can submit requests for additional research experience in diverse fields of basic and clinical medicine practiced at Keck and its affiliated institutions.

Dean's Research Scholars Program

The Dean has established a competitive 5th year fellowship for those medical students that wish to spend an additional year conducting biomedical research in a discipline and area of their choice.  This option can be pursued between years 2 and 3 , between years 3 and 4, or following graduation.

Deans Research Scholars Program (PDF)

Dean's 'Year for Research' Program Trainees (PDF)

TL1 Pre-doctoral Training Program

This program is a two-year training program administered by the Southern California Clinical and Translational Science Institute (SC CTSI). The program is designed for graduate students and medical students, including MD/PhD students to learn clinical and translational research. Trainees perform mentored research and receive didactic training in clinical and translational research. Students also participate in career development workshops and have the opportunity to present their research accomplishment at a national meeting of the TL1 programs. The program provides one year of salary support. Learn more about the program.

International Travel Fellowship Opportunity

The Breman Foundation has established a number of International Travel Grants for students pursuing clinical research overseas.

Master’s Degree Opportunities

The Keck School offers the following 2-year master’s degree-granting programs specifically geared to physicians:

  • Master in Clinical & Biomedical Investigation
  • Master in Global Health
  • Master in Public Health (MPH)
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