Office of Research Advancement

Postdoctoral Affairs

A Postdoctoral Scholar (Postdoctoral Fellow or Postdoctoral Research Associate) is a trainee in residence at the University pursuing advanced study beyond the doctorate in preparation for a full-time academic and/or research career.

As of January 2012, the Keck School of Medicine counted a total of 189 Postdoctoral Research Scholars, with 84 of these trainees based at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. 

The Keck School of Medicine recognizes as part of its training mission the importance of assisting Postdoctoral Research Scholars who are developing into independent investigators. It is increasingly important to extend the reach of junior scholars who have completed their doctoral degrees, are preparing for full-time research or academic careers, and wish to broaden their research under senior scholars in their fields. The Keck School of Medicine welcomes Postdoctoral Research Scholars, and advises the faculty to advise, mentor, and assist these research trainees.

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