Research Affiliates

Research Affiliates

Research at the Keck School of Medicine is organized on a matrix structure. Faculty members are appointed in academic departments, but in addition may be cross-appointed in research institutes that have departmental status in terms of faculty hiring, space assignment, and annual budgeting. These institutes may also be independent organizations that are closely affiliated with USC and the Keck School.  Defined both by a physical space and research vision, the research institutes provide a place for in-depth, integrative studies. They create intellectual, dynamic atmospheres and attract outstanding researchers interested in solving complex problems of biomedicine.

Keck School Affiliates

Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Saban Research Institute
Research at CHLA focuses on pediatric diseases and treatments and is ranked as one of the top pediatric research programs in the nation. The Saban Research Institute manages and leads all research endeavors.

House Ear Institute
HEI is renowned for developments in sensory aid technologies for hearing loss, understanding the basis of hearing and hearing-related disorders at the cell and molecular level, and diagnoses and treatment advancements to improve the quality of life for people with disorders affecting the auditory system and related functions.

University of Southern California University of Southern California