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Zilkha Neurogenetic Institute
1501 San Pablo Street
ZNI 101, MC 2821
Los Angeles, CA 90089
For express mail or overnight courier service please use the address above, but change the zip code to 90033. 

Telephone: 323 442-2144
Fax: 323 442-2145


David P. Warren, Director of Operations
Telephone: 323-442-4324
Fax: 323-442-2145
Email: davew@usc.edu

E. Rusty King, Facilities Manager
Telephone: 323-442-4340
Fax: 323-442-2145
Cell: 323-842-1887
Email: rusty.king@med.usc.edu

Barbara Lockley, Home Department Coordinator/Office Manager
Telephone: 323-442-4330
Fax: 323-442-3662
Email: lockley@usc.edu

Briana Armour, Special Assistant to Dr. Zlokovic
Telephone: 323-442-2722
Fax: 323-442-2145
Email: barmour@usc.edu

ZNI Contracts & Grants
Email: znigrant@usc.edu

ZNI Purchasing
Email: znipurch@usc.edu

Leslie Ortiz, Purchasing Agent
Telephone: 323-442-1178
Fax: 323-442-2145
Email: leslieor@usc.edu

Marlen Turcios, Budget/Business Technician (Payroll)
Telephone: 323-442-4401
Fax: 323-442-2145
Email: mturcios@usc.edu

Julie Carl, Project Specialist 
Telephone: 323-442-3219
Fax: 323-442-2145
Email: jcarl@usc.edu

ZNI Reception
Telephone: 323-442-2144
Fax: 323-442-2145
Email: zni.reception@med.usc.edu

Hazel Breen, Executive Director of Development
Telephone: 323-442-2684
Fax: 323-442-2145
Email: hbreen@usc.edu

Gabriela Torres, Contracts & Grants Coordinator
Telephone: 323-442-4374
Fax: 323-442-2145
Email: gjtorres@usc.edu

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