Research @ KECK

Research at KSOM

Administrative Structure

Research management and administration at the Keck School of Medicine is organized on a matrix structure to best facilitate the efforts of the faculty. Research services at the Keck School are provided through the Office of Research Advancement,  Clinical Research Support Offices, the Office of Foundation Relations, and the academic departments and department-like research institutes. These support structures interface with USC research administrative offices. Learn More >>

Faculty Research

Over the years, Keck research has catalyzed broad changes in medical practice, advanced basic understandings in biomedicine and attracted international recognition and honors. Faculty researchers explore the broad frontiers of medicine and biosciences. From basic sciences to clinical research to public health, Keck School scientists seek to pinpoint the causes of disease, identify better methods of diagnosing and treating disease, develop strategies to prevent disease and promote health, and understand how environmental factors influence our health. Learn More >>

Research Initiatives

Following the direction of the National Institutes of Health, the Keck School is developing initiatives that build multidisciplinary collaboration among students and faculty from schools across USC.  Leadership is focusing on opportunities that leverage unique strengths of the university. These include Health, Technology and Engineering(HTE) at USC. Learn More >>

Signature Programs

To shepherd this vision, a new 10-year strategic plan was developed.  As part of the process for implementation of the Keck School's new 10-year strategic plan, the Research Leadership Committee identified key research development priorities that simultaneously served as a bridge to both available resources and external funding opportunities.  Specifically, a set of Signature Programs was designated.  In the coming years, these Programs will play a pivotal role in helping the KSOM to fulfill its vision. Learn More >>

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