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Yuichi Iwaki, MD
Professor of Clinical Urology
OCH 0000 Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles
+1 323 442 7088


House SL, Matsuda K, O'Brien G, Makhay M, Iwaki Y, Ferguson I, Lovato LM, Lewis LM. Efficacy of a new intravenous ß2-adrenergic agonist (bedoradrine, MN-221) for patients with an acute exacerbation of asthma. Respir Med. 2015 Oct; 109(10):1268-73. View in: PubMed

Matsuda K, Makhay M, Johnson K, Iwaki Y. Evaluation of bedoradrine sulfate (MN-221), a novel, highly selective beta2-adrenergic receptor agonist for the treatment of asthma via intravenous infusion. J Asthma. 2012 Dec; 49(10):1071-8. View in: PubMed

Iwaki Y, Kawasaki H, Arakawa R. Human Serum Albumin-modified Fe(3)O(4) Magnetic Nanoparticles for Affinity-SALDI-MS of Small-Molecule Drugs in Biological Liquids. Anal Sci. 2012; 28(9):893-900. View in: PubMed

Matsuda Y, Qazi Y, Iwaki Y. A rapid and efficient method BK polyomavirus genotyping by high-resolution melting analysis. J Med Virol. 2011 Dec; 83(12):2128-34. View in: PubMed

Matsuda K, Iwaki KK, Garcia-Gomez J, Hoffman J, Inderlied CB, Mason WH, Iwaki Y. Bacterial identification by 16S rRNA gene PCR-hybridization as a supplement to negative culture results. J Clin Microbiol. 2011 May; 49(5):2031-4. View in: PubMed

Kawasaki H, Yao T, Suganuma T, Okumura K, Iwaki Y, Yonezawa T, Kikuchi T, Arakawa R. Platinum nanoflowers on scratched silicon by galvanic displacement for an effective SALDI substrate. Chemistry. 2010 Sep 17; 16(35):10832-43. View in: PubMed

Li A, Chen J, Hattori M, Franco E, Zuppan C, Ojogho O, Iwaki Y, Escher A. A therapeutic DNA vaccination strategy for autoimmunity and transplantation. Vaccine. 2010 Feb 23; 28(8):1897-904. View in: PubMed

Iwaki KK, Qazi SH, Garcia-Gomez J, Zeng D, Matsuda Y, Matsuda K, Martinez ME, Toyoda M, Kore A, Stevens WT, Smogorzewski M, Iwaki DD, Qazi Y, Iwaki Y. Development of a real-time quantitative PCR assay for detection of a stable genomic region of BK virus. Virol J. 2010; 7:295. View in: PubMed

Li A, Ojogho O, Franco E, Baron P, Iwaki Y, Escher A. Pro-apoptotic DNA vaccination ameliorates new onset of autoimmune diabetes in NOD mice and induces foxp3+ regulatory T cells in vitro. Vaccine. 2006 Jun 5; 24(23):5036-46. View in: PubMed

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Nakamura S, Nakamura R, Shibata K, Kobayashi M, Sahara N, Shigeno K, Shinjo K, Naito K, Ohnishi K, Kasahara N, Iwaki Y. Development of packaging cell lines for generation of adeno-associated virus vectors by lentiviral gene transfer of trans-complementary components. Eur J Haematol. 2004 Oct; 73(4):285-94. View in: PubMed

Iwata H, Mori Y, Takagi H, Shirahashi K, Fukumoto Y, Umeda Y, Mizuno Y, Yoshikawa S, Hirose H, Ito S, Takahashi Y, Deguchi T, Iwaki Y. A clinical renal-transplant case from a non-heart-beating donor using percutaneous cardiopulmonary support. Transplantation. 2003 Dec 27; 76(12):1772-3. View in: PubMed

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