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Cheng Ji, PhD
Research Associate Professor of Medicine
HMR 805 2011 Zonal Avenue Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles
+1 323 442 2224


Dr. Ji's research interests include organelle especially endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress and liver disease, hyperhomocysteinemia, hepatotoxicity of HIV Drugs and Alcohol, and tacking alcohol intoxication with nanotechnology.

Dr. Ji earned his PhD from The University of Kentucky. He then went on to complete two fellowships in Pathology/Medicine, the first one at University of California, Riverside, and the second at Keck School of Medicine of USC.


NSF: MCB9408999; co-Investigator, 1996-1998

NIH: R01AA018612; Principal Investigator, 2010-2014

NIH: R01AA018846; Principal Investigator, 2009-2013

NIH: Research Fellowship, 2000-2002

NIH: R01AA014428; co-Investigator/PI, 2003-2015

USDA: 58-3620-5-148; Principal Investigator, 1999

USDA: 9501093; co-Investigator, 1997-1998

National Key Projects, Department of Education, China: Silver Medal, 1990

May R. Wright Foundation: Award No. 263, 2003-2005

NIH: R01AA018612; Principal Investigator, 2010-2015


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