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Jenny M. Jaque, MD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Obstetrics & Gynecology
Division Chief, Generalist Division
Associate Residency Program Director
Director of Women's Centered Medical Home LAC+USC
Obstetrics & Gynecology
IRD 508 Off Campus Los Angeles
+1 323 226 3416


USC Keck School of Medicine: Recipient, Third Year Medical Student Teaching Award, 2014

USC Keck School of Medicine: Recipient, Faculty Mentorship Award, 2012

USC Keck School of Medicine: Recipient, Third Year Medical Student Teaching Award , 2011

APGO/CREOG: Recipient, Excellence in Teaching Award, 2011

LAC + USC Keck School of Medicine : Recipient, Excellence in Teaching Award, 2010

LAC + USC : Nurses Choice Award for Excellence in Patient Care, 2008-2009

LAC + USC: Recipient, Leadership Award – Peer Selected, 2008-2009

LAC + USC : Recipient, Physician Selected by Peers to be their Personal Physician, 2008-2009

LAC + USC : Recipient, Patient Advocate Award, Peer Selected , 2008-2008

LAC + USC : Daniel R. Mishell Jr Teaching Award , 2007

Loma Linda University : Family Medicine OSCE Chosen as Instructional Video, 2003

Loma Linda University : Diversity Scholarship Recipient, 2000-2004

Walla Walla University : President’s List of Distinguished Students, 1997-1999

Walla Walla University : Dean’s List of Disntiguished Students, 1997-1999


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