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Aaron Storms, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine (Clinician Educator)
IRD 2020 Zonal Ave Off Campus Los Angeles


Dr. Storms earned his medical degree from Universidad Panamericana Medical School. He then performed his internship and residency at Jacobi Medical Center- Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He then went on to complete a Palliative Medicine Fellowship at Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Storms major areas of research interest include influenza virus seasonality, surveillance for influenza viruses in international settings, epidemiology of human infections with animal-origin influenza viruses, and access and quality of end-of-life-care services for ethnic minorities.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Excellence in Frontline Public Health Service Award (International), 2012

Jacobi Medical Center, Albert Einstein College of Medicine: Intern of the Year Award, 2007

Albert Einstein College of Medicine: Leo M. Davidoff Society Award, 2008

National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases: Investigation Group Award, 2011

Universidad Panamericana Medical School: Valedictorian, Medical School Graduation, 2003

Albert Einstein College of Medicine: Teaching Award, 2009


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