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Ahmadreza Ghaffarizadeh
Postdoctoral Scholar Research Associate
CSC 240 2250 Alcazar Street Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles


Hailing from Sirjan, Iran, Dr. Ghaffarizadeh studied software engineering at Shiraz University and later at Arak Azad University, where he earned his M.S. while researching a new efficient algorithm for quantitative trait loci mapping. During his Ph.D. work at Utah State University, he used computational models to study network dynamics driving cellular differentiation at smaller scales, and the role of intercellular interactions in morphogenesis at larger scales. Prior to defending his dissertation, he served as a research scholar at the Institute for Systems Biology, where he worked on multiscale modeling of glioma and immune interactions. Ghaffarizadeh's research interests lie in the development of computational and mathematical approaches for multiscale modeling of biological systems and analyzing large-scale data sets. His main hobbies center around food and soccer; therefore, if you can't find him at work, there is a high chance you find him in a restaurant or in a soccer field!


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Ghaffarizadeh A, Flann NS, Podgorski GJ. Multistable switches and their role in cellular differentiation networks. BMC Bioinformatics. 2014 May 28; 15 Suppl 7:S7. View in: PubMed

Ghaffarizadeh A, Podgorski GJ, Flann NS. Modeling and visualizing cell type switching. Comput Math Methods Med. 2014; 2014:293980. View in: PubMed

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