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Anisa Shaker, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine
HMR 810 Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles


Dr. Shaker is a physician-scientist with a clinical and research interest in esophageal disorders. Her research program is focused on understanding the mechanisms of esophageal injury, repair, and inflammation. Her work is supported by both federal and private funding. Dr. Shaker has authored several articles in peer-reviewed journals and serves as a mentor to physicians in training interested in gastrointestinal research.

Dr. Shaker earned her medical degree from Medical College of Wisconsin. She then performed her internship and residency at Brown University- Rhode Island Hospital, followed by a Gastroenterology Fellowship at Washington University School of Medicine- Barnes Jewish Hospital.


American Gastroenterology Association: Women's Leadership Conference, 2015

Association of American Medical Colleges: Early Career Women Faculty Professional Development Seminar, 2011


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