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Anthony Zamudio, PhD
Clinical Associate Professor of Family Medicine (Clinician Educator)
Family Medicine
CAH 101 - 703 1400 S. Grand Avenue Off Campus Los Angeles
+1 213 744 0801


Anthony Zamudio, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Clinical Family Medicine at the USC Family Medicine Residency Program at California Hospital with more than twenty-five years teaching residents, medical students and psychology graduate students in the psychosocial aspects of primary care. After receiving his doctorate in clinical psychology from UCLA, Dr. Zamudio has dedicated his career to helping children, teens, families, and adults in places such as the San Fernando Child Guidance Center, the Kaiser Permanente Psychiatry Department, in the UCLA Student Health Center and in many years of private practice.
Dr. Zamudio joined USC in 1990, where he has spent his time teaching the psychosocial aspects of primary care with didactic lectures, working as a preceptor in the family health center and being an integral part of the family medicine team during inpatient rounds. Additionally, he supervises monthly Balint sessions, leads training in motivational interviewing and provides other leadership development teaching experiences.
Dr. Zamudio has published articles in the area of family medicine with special emphasis on his wide-breath of teaching experiences, working with residents and various patient encounters. His community interests include volunteering at the Gay & Lesbian Center, where he is a training ride leader for the AIDS/Life Cycle, a 7-day 550 mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles.


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