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David Warburton, MD
Professor of Pediatrics
CHLA 4650 W. Sunset Blvd. Off Campus Los Angeles
+1 323 361 5422


Professor David Warburton is a world leader in child health and regenerative medicine. Born and medically educated in London, at Harvard and Brown, he has made a broad translational impact in pediatrics. His major contributions range from clinical studies establishing management practices of extreme prematurity, to infants of diabetics, to basic mechanisms of organ morphogenesis, repair and regeneration. He is thus a seminal figure in neonatal- perinatal medicine, developmental biology, stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. His most highly cited work established and leads the field of molecular embryology of the lung, showing how growth factors and matrix molecules direct formation and repair of the gas exchange surface. Active UK collaborations include Liverpool, Cardiff and London, supported by UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, MRC, BBSRC and build on his NIH and CIRM funded programs. He mentors UK Doctoral and Postdoctoral Fellows (Basic Science and Clinical), supported by funders ranging from MRC and Wellcome Trust to Royal College of Surgeons of England. An elected Fellow of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons, Physicians as well as Paediatrics and Child Health, he regularly gives keynotes at major US and world scientific meetings as well as teaching in Liverpool, Cardiff, Birmingham and London. In Los Angeles, he hosts UK and other foreign scientific delegations including the Ministers of Science, Heads of Welsh and Scottish Parliaments, Lords Mayor of Manchester and London and HRH Prince Andrew. His personal contribution and enthusiastic support for UK/US Science collaboration has been recognized by several awards including, in 2009, the Order of the British Empire. His commitment to the development of science for human benefit is evident from his many scientific and clinical discoveries, his personal mentoring through to his public advising.


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