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Diana Chao, MD
Clinical Instructor of Ophthalmology (Fellow)
HC4 4900 1450 San Pablo Street Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles


Chao DC, Hassenpflug M, Sharma OP. Multiple lung masses, pneumothorax, and psychiatric symptoms in a 29-year-old African-American woman. Chest. 1995 Sep; 108(3):871-3. View in: PubMed

Lubman RL, Chao DC, Crandall ED. Basolateral localization of Na(+)-HCO3- cotransporter activity in alveolar epithelial cells. Respir Physiol. 1995 Apr; 100(1):15-24. View in: PubMed

Lubman RL, Danto SI, Chao DC, Fricks CE, Crandall ED. Cl(-)-HCO3- exchanger isoform AE2 is restricted to the basolateral surface of alveolar epithelial cell monolayers. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 1995 Feb; 12(2):211-9. View in: PubMed

Sharma OP, Chao DC. Pulmonary manifestations of GI diseases. Contemp Intern Med. 1994 Nov; 6(11):43-51. View in: PubMed

Rao S, McKellop H, Chao D, Schildhauer TA, Gendler E, Moore TM. Biomechanical comparison of bone graft used in anterior spinal reconstruction. Freeze-dried demineralized femoral segments versus fresh fibular segments and tricortical iliac blocks in autopsy specimens. Clin Orthop Relat Res. 1993 Apr; (289):131-5. View in: PubMed

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