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George Tolomiczenko, PhD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology
KAM B6 Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles
+1 323 774 1442


Experience as a clinician, researcher, teacher and administrator informs the multifaceted role I have with HTE@USC. After earning an undergraduate degree at Caltech, I left LA, for graduate study in the Boston area where I earned a doctorate in clinical psychology at Boston University and a master's in public health at Harvard. As both a scientist and clinician working at medical institutions, my focus shifted to public health and policy issues involving homelessness and mental illness. I am now returning to LA from Toronto where I worked on technology-enabled approaches to healthcare management.

In Canada my work building research capacity was broadened to include directorships in technology-based regional economic development, medical research funding and non-profit organizations. I have always been devoted to creating and funding programs and partnerships enabling research, knowledge translation and chronic disease management. I have done this through energizing interactions with students, faculty, staff and clinical personnel in a variety of settings. I am thrilled to be part of HTE@USC's leadership team re-designing medical and graduate engineering education to train front-line innovators. We'll make sure that HTE@USC graduates will be leaders among interdisciplinary thinkers and inventors in healthcare.
You can reach me through HTE@USC.edu.


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