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Jiu-Chiuan Chen, MD, ScD
Associate Professor of Preventive Medicine
Environmental Health
SSB 225P 2001 N. Soto Street Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles
+1 323 442 2949


Jiu-Chiuan (JC) Chen is an Associate Professor of Preventive Medicine in the Division of Environmental Health. Dr. Chen is a physician-epidemiologist with formal training in Internal Medicine, Environmental and Occupational Medicine, Environmental Health Sciences, and Epidemiology (Clinical; Environmental; and Occupational). Chen brings extensive knowledge in medicine and toxicological sciences together with sophisticated skills in quantitative methods to study environmental health and chronic disease epidemiology. He has been applying the translational epidemiologic approach to understanding the neurocardio-physiological and inflammatory responses to environmental hazards in ambient environment and workplace, concerning whether and how such environmental stressors affect the development and progression of chronic diseases (e.g., cardiovascular diseases, rheumatic diseases, sleep disorders, and neurological diseases), with the primary focus on the elderly population. Dr. Chen is also interested in epidemiology methodology research applicable to studying environmental health problems.


Chen JC, Espeland MA, Brunner RL, Lovato LC, Wallace RB, Leng X, Phillips LS, Robinson JG, Kotchen JM, Johnson KC, Manson JE, Stefanick ML, Sarto GE, Mysiw WJ. Sleep duration, cognitive decline, and dementia risk in older women. Alzheimers Dement. 2016 Jan; 12(1):21-33. View in: PubMed

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