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Marcel E Nimni, PhD
Professor of Surgery
EDM 191 Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles
+1 323 224 5067


Dr. Nimni is a Professor of Surgery, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Biomedical Engineering, and Director of Tissue Engineering Laboratories at the Keck School of Medicine of USC. His major areas of research activities include: Biochemistry of collagen: molecular structure, biosynthesis, mechanisms of crosslinking in soft tissues, bone and cartilage; interactions between connective tissues constituents, biochemical changes in degenerative diseases. Cell culture. Hydrophobic interactions involved in the self-assembly of macromolecules. Biochemistry of vascular tissues. Trans-dermal drug delivery. Mechanism of bone formation and dystrophic calcification. Osteogenesis: decline of osteoprogenitor cells with age. Collagen derived bioprosthesis. Growth factors (TGF-B, BMP’s and others). Bone and cartilage repair. Sulfur amino acids and glutathione: relationship to tissue repair.


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