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Paulette Y. Mhawech-Fauceglia, MD
Professor of Clinical Pathology
GNH 1100 North State Street Off Campus Los Angeles
+1 323 409 1313


After finishing her training in the United States and obtaining the American Board of clinical and anatomical Pathology, Dr. Fauceglia went back to Europe where she practiced Surgical Pathology in Geneva University Hospital an academic teaching institute for 4 years, concentrating on Uropathology and Gynecologic pathology. During her stay,she developed a special interest in urothelial bladder cancer and endometrial cancer.She was also involved in setting the research laboratory where she implemented and set up the tissue microarray technology (TMA).

Upon her return to the US, Dr. Fauceglia took a position at Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI) where she concentrated mostly on gynecologic pathology. She has since helped the gynecologic-oncology service to become the best patient care service and was a referral pathologist to most of the Gynecologic cases for the community. During her work at RPCI, Dr. Fauceglia has succeeded in publishing numerous manuscripts, most of which are in translational research. She also heavily supports the gynecology-oncology research program and the vaccine trial program headed by Dr. Kunle Odunsi at RPCI.

At the present time at USC, Dr. Fauceglia had numerous collaborative research projects with Dr. Simon Gaythner and his team in preventive medicine studying the gene profiling of ovarian cancer. As well as with the Gyn-Oncologic research team guided by Dr.yvonne Lin


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