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Robbin Gerald Cohen, MD
Associate Professor of Surgery
Director, Huntington Memorial Hospital Cardiothoracic and Lung Cancer Surgery Program
HCT 4300 Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles
+1 323 442 5850


Dr. Robbin G. Cohen received his medical degree from the University of Colorado and completed his surgical training at Stanford University Hospital. While at Stanford, Dr. Cohen was supervised by noted medical doctor Norman Shumay, who oversaw his five years of general surgery and three years of cardiothoracic, vascular and transplant surgery. Dr. Cohen also spent a year conducting research in Stanford’s heart and lung laboratory. Dr. Cohen joined the University of Southern California in 1993 and has researched and practiced lung transplantation, adult cardiac surgery, coronary bypass surgery, valvular heart disease, disease of the thoracic aorta, lung cancer, and tumors of the chest wall and mediastinum. A former member of the board of directors of the California Philharmonic Orchestra, Dr. Cohen has been awarded numerous grants and for his research and has been included among America’s Top Doctors on several occasions. He has an extensive bibliography of written articles, book chapters and abstracts and has been an invited editor by a number of medical journals.


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