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Todd Chang, MD
Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics (Educational Scholar)
CHL Mail Stop 113 Off Campus Los Angeles
+1 323 361 2109


Research Career Interest: Educational Technology within the healthcare arena, which includes e-learning / multimedia, simulation, virtual reality, and other technologically augmented methods of teaching. Some clinical research including Emergency Department efficiency, pre-hospital care, and trauma care.

I currently sit on the executive board / steering committee of the INSPIRE Network (http://www.inspireSim.com/), an international pediatric simulation research network, as well as the PEMCRC (http://www.pemnetwork.org/pemcrc), the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Clinical Research Committee of the American Academy of Pediatrics.


University of Southern California: USC Zumberge Individual Research Award, 2012-2013

RBaby Foundation: RBaby Foundation Grant, 2013-2014

University of Southern California: SC CTSI Research Pilot Grant, 2013-2014

National Board of Medical Examiners: Stemmler Fund, 2015-2017

American Heart Association: Western States Grant-in-Aid, 2015-2017

FaceBook / Oculus : VR for Good, 2016-2017


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