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Tomas Konecny, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine
KEK Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles


I strive to provide outstanding patient care. In my practice, my patients benefit from my clinical training and my clinical research focusing on cardiac arrhythmias – recognized by awards from American College of Chest Physicians, American Heart Association, American College of Cardiology and others. My philosophy of care revolves around 3 key aspects: 1) I empower my patients to make important health-related decisions based on the most up to date diagnostic strategies, 2) I lead a very personalized and thorough discussion with each patient regarding the optimal treatment and 3) I follow through with each patient until the health issue under investigation is resolved.


Czech Society of Cardiology : Young Investigator Award, Third Place, 2013

Cardiovascular Research Technologies: Best Innovation Award, 2nd Place, 2013

Mayo Clinic: Mayo International Health Scholarship Award, 2013

American College of Cardiology: Young Investigator Award, Second Place, 2012

American Heart Association : Cournand and Comroe Young Investigator Award- Finalist, 2012

American College of Chest Physicians: Young Investigator Award, First Prize, 2011

American College of Physicians: First Prize, Research Presentations, 2008

Columbia University Medical Center: Joseph Collins Award, 2004-2006

Westmont College : Summa Cum Laude, 2003

Phi Kappa Phi: Elected Member, 2003

Westmont College: Presidential Scholarship, 2001-2003


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