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Venkatesh Natarajan, PhD
Assistant Professor of Research Medicine
NOR 1441 Eastlake Ave Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles


Dr. Natarajan's major areas of research interest include cancer biology, functional genomic screens, drug discovery, biologics development and targeted therapy. His current research involves performing a functional genetic screen, combining bar-coded lentiviral shRNA library with HT-sequencing to identify modulators of TLR5 signaling. This study identified several candidates which differentially affect NF-kB activation by IL1, TNF and flagellin.

Dr. Natarajan earned his Masters in Biotechnology at The Indian Institute of Technology. He then went on to complete his PhD in Bioechemistry, followed by three research fellowships; the first at The Weizmann Institute of Science, the second at Harvard Medical School, and the third at The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research.


India: National Merit Scholarship, 1989-1992

India: National Scholarship from Department of Biotechnology, 1992-1994


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