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About Our Research Programs

We offer cutting-edge expertise and technological advancements in all seven of our subspecialties. From minimally invasive approaches to head and neck cancers to bioengineering research in hearing care, we’re able to provide some of the most advanced procedures available.

Our training and research programs reflect a wide diversity of unmet clinical challenges, placing us among the world’s elite clinical otolaryngology departments. We are devoted to researching areas of uncertainty among patient populations to discover new interventions that directly affect clinical assessment and care.

Our research programs participate in numerous clinical trials and exploration of cutting-edge therapies, such as technologies for patients with hearing loss, treatment of chronic sinusitis with nebulization of antibiotics immunotherapy treatments, combination therapies to enhance the treatment of head neck cancers and innovative approaches for patients with snoring or obstructive sleep apnea. Our studies have resulted in billions of dollars of funding from the most prestigious national organizations, including the National Institutes of Health.

Current Research


A multi-institutional team of hearing and communication experts led by the Keck School of Medicine is breaking sound barriers for children born without a hearing nerve in a clinical trial backed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

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Featured Publication


Uttam Sinha, MD recently published an article in the Open Journal of Stomatology entitled “Dysphagia in head and neck cancer: A review.” The goal of the review was to consolidate the current understanding of the relationship between head and neck cancers and dysphagia.