The Executive Leadership team advises the Dean in all substantive matters pertaining to the governance of the School of Medicine.

Carolyn Meltzer, MD
Keck School of Medicine
(323) 442-1900

Ted Budge, MS
Senior Associate Dean and Chief Operating Officer
(323) 442-1519

Robert Milner, PhD
Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
(323) 442-1619

Donna Elliott, MD
Vice Dean for Medical Education
(323) 442-1875

Thomas A. Buchanan, MD
Vice Dean for Research

Peggy Farnham, PhD
Vice Dean for Health and Biomedical Sciences Education

Ann O’Brien
Associate General Counsel for Health Sciences
(213) 740-2525

Larry Opas
Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education
(323) 409-6931

Thanh Hoang
Senior Associate Vice President, Keck Advancement
(213) 821-7402