Keck School of Medicine Leadership

Carol Folt, PHD
President, University of Southern California
(213) 740-2111

Charles Zukoski, PHD
Provost & Sr. VP for Academic Affairs
(213) 740-2101

Steven Shapiro, MD
Senior Vice President for Health Affairs

Carolyn C. Meltzer, MD
Dean, Keck School of Medicine
(323) 442-1900


Luanne Thorndyke, MD
Executive Vice Dean
(323) 442-1900

Ted Budge
Senior Associate Dean & Chief Administrative Officer
(323) 442-1900

TJ Malseed
Associate Dean for Information Services
Chief Information Officer Health Sciences Campus
(323) 442-9529

Ann O’Brien, JD
Associate General Counsel for Health Sciences
(323) 442-1958

Faculty Affairs

Robert Milner, PhD
Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
(323) 442-1958

Grad/Undergrad Studies

Peggy Farnham, PhD
Vice Dean for Health and Biomedical Science Education
(323) 442-8015

Kevin Lohenry, PhD, PA-C
Associate Dean for Graduate Student Affairs
(626) 457‑4262

Ite Offringa, PhD
Associate Dean for Graduate Affairs (PhD Program)
(323) 865-0655

Axel Schonthal
Associate Dean for Biomedical MS Programs
(323) 442‑1730

Richard Watanabe, PhD
Associate Dean for Health and Population Science Programs
(323) 442‑2053


Thomas A. Buchanan, MD
Vice Dean for Research
(323) 442-1863

April Armstrong, MD
Associate Dean for Clinical Research
(323) 442-1970

Sarah F. Hamm-Alvarez, PhD
Associate Dean for Basic and Translational Research
(323) 422-1445

W. Martin Kast, PhD
Assistant Dean for Academic Integrity
(323) 442‑3870


Glenn Ault, MD
Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Administration
(323) 865-3690

Inderbir Gill, MD
Associate Dean for Clinical Innovation
(323) 865-3794

Stephanie Hall, MD
Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs (Keck Medical Center)
(323) 442‑8444

Brad Spellberg, MD
Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs (Los Angeles General Medical Center)
(323) 4096734


Lourdes Baezcondé Garbanati
Associate Dean for Community Initiatives
(323) 442-8231

Medical Education

Donna D. Elliott, M.D., Ed.D
Vice Dean for Medical Education
(323) 442-2553

Lawrence Opas, MD
Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education
(323) 409-6931

Diversity & Inclusion

Joyce Richey, PhD
Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion (Education)
(323) 442-1050

Leadership and Wellness

Kathleen Nelson, MD
Associate Dean for Leadership and Wellness
(323) 442‑1834

Social Justice

Ricky Bluthenthal, PhD
Associate Dean for Social Justice  
(323) 442‑8236

Cancer Programs

Caryn Lerman, PhD
Associate Dean for Cancer Programs
(323) 865-0816