Keck School of Medicine Board of Overseers

Carol Folt, PHD
(213) 740-2111

Elizabeth Graddy, PHD
(213) 740-2101

Laura Mosqueda, MD
Dean, Keck School of Medicine
(323) 442-1900


Ted Budge
Senior Associate Dean & Chief Administrative Officer
(323) 442-1900

TJ Malseed
Associate Dean for Information Services
Chief Information Officer Health Sciences Campus
(323) 442-9529

Lil Delcampo
Associate General Counsel
(323) 442-1336

Faculty Affairs

Judy Garner, PhD
Vice Dean for Faculty Affairs
(323) 442-1619

Ruth Wood, PhD
Associate Dean for Appointments & Promotions
(323) 442-1980

Frank Sinatra, MD
Assistant Dean for Faculty Development
(323) 442-1829

Grad/Undergrad Studies

Vice Dean for Health and Biomedical Science Education

Ite Offringa, PhD
Associate Dean for Graduate Affairs (PhD Program)
(323) 865-0655

Elahe Nezami, PhD
Associate Dean for Graduate Affairs (MS, UG and Professional Programs
(213) 821-1733

Assistant Dean for Pre-Health Undergraduate Programs


Thomas A. Buchanan, MD
Vice Dean for Research
(323) 442-1863

April Armstrong, MD
Associate Dean for Clinical Research
(323) 442-1970

Sarah F. Hamm-Alvarez, PhD
Associate Dean for Basic and Translational Research
(323) 422-1445

W. Martin Kast, PhD
Assistant Dean for Academic Integrity
(323) 442‑3870

Darcy Spicer, MD
Assistant Dean for Clinical Research Studies
(323) 865-3904


Glenn Ault, MD
Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Administration
(323) 865-3690

Inderbir Gill, MD
Associate Dean for Clinical Innovation
(323) 865-3794

Stephanie Hall, MD
Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs (Keck Medical Center)
(323) 442‑8444

Brad Spellberg, MD
Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs (LAC + USC Medical Center)
(323) 4096734


Lourdes Baezcondé Garbanati
Associate Dean for Community Initiatives
(323) 442-8231

Medical Education

Donna D. Elliott, M.D., Ed.D
Vice Dean for Medical Education
(323) 442-2553

Lawrence Opas, MD
Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education
(323) 409-6931

Diversity & Inclusion

Joyce Richey, PhD
Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion (Education)
(323) 442-1050

Althea Alexander
Assistant Dean for Diversity/Alumni Relations
(323) 442‑1050