Become a Level I Certified ITCT-A Clinician

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The USC-ATTC is now offering an opportunity to become a Level I Certified ITCT-A Clinician. Since the USC-ATTC is funded as a Category II Center of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN), we are pleased to make this professional certification available to clinicians at no cost.

The requirements to become a Level I Certified ITCT-A Clinician are shown below. The certification application and confirmation of each requirement must be done using the USC-ATTC online Learning Portal.

Request your Learning Portal account by emailing the USC-ATTC Director of Programs, Randye J. Semple, PhD at Include your full name, degree, and preferred email address.

National Training Requirements for Level I Certified ITCT-A Clinician

  • Before completing the certification, candidates must have:
    • Completed a master’s degree (or equivalent) that includes clinical training in a mental health-related field. This may be in the fields of psychiatry, psychology, social work, marriage and family therapy, counseling, etc.
    • A state license that allows independent or supervised clinical practice. You may complete your certification requirements before receiving licensure.
  • Candidates must attend at least six (6) hours of in-person training provided by the USC-ATTC (minimum one full-day workshop). The in-person training must be attended after October 1, 2012. Trainings attended before this date will not be credited toward certification.
  • Candidates must complete the web-based training on the USC-ATTC manual: Integrative Treatment of Complex Trauma for Adolescents (ITCT-A) Treatment Guide, 2nd edition.
  • Candidates must attend two (2) ITCT-A webinars (approximately one hour each) and pass a knowledge-based quiz for each webinar.
  • Candidates must complete a written case report. Submit a sample case of an adolescent that you have treated with ITCT-A. The case report must be prepared using the template provided in the Learning Portal.
  • Active participation in at least six (6) regularly scheduled video consultation calls. These consultation calls are generally held once monthly for 90-minutes. The six consultation calls do not need to be attended in consecutive months.
  • During one video consultation call, present a clinical case that utilizes ITCT-A (a minimum 30-minute formal case presentation). A presentation format similar to the written case report is suggested.
  • Completion of a minimum of two (2) separate ITCT-A cases with appropriate adolescent clients. A complete case must consist of at least 12 face-to-face sessions with the client, and ideally result in a natural termination.

If you have any questions about the certification requirements or about the process of certification, please contact the USC-ATTC Training Director, Karianne Chen, MS, LMFT at

Download the National Training Requirements for Level I Certified ITCT-A Clinician.

There is no cost associated with trainings offered by the USC-ATTC, the professional Clinician Certification, or for the Learning Portal account.